Winter Warmer

So its that time of the year...
Were saying goodbye to our flip flops and digging out those warm fluffy jumpers.
However the change in weather affects us all, and more often than not were hearing of bad skin, coughs and flus (for you drama queens).
Now its so easy to jump back into old winter habits of hot chocolate with a few marshmallows... Ooops and then a few biscuits, and there we have it an extra layer - no not a warm jumper, on our tummies!
This drink is bound to kickstart your mornings, helping any sweet cravings and fight off those horrible coughs and colds!
-Take half a lemon and chop into quarters, (you may use more, but we think half is perfect without it being too tart) Squeeze this into your favourite mug and then pop the segments into your mug.
-Take some fresh ginger, peel the skin and chop the ginger up. There is no particular way to do this, so chop away... Add this to your mug
-And then for the last sweet ingredient, a squeeze of honey, We would recommend a tablespoon, but adjust to your taste.
Now to finish, pour hot water over your flu flighting concoction and enjoy!
Not only is this great for building up your immune system, it is bursting with antioxidents which have endless qualities. (google it!)
Any more winter recipes you have? Send them to us at
Royal x
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